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About Adel Corp.

Our Mission
The mission of Adel Corp., is to contribute to the improvement of quality of life, trough the distribution and marketing of products that give added value to health and productivity; promoting their identity worldwide in a pro-active environment of good marketing practices with respect to the diversity, the dignity and the development of different cultures.

Adel Corp
Incorporated in 1999 in Ontario, Canada, Adel Corp’s core business is international trade and marketing in the Agri-food sector. We manufacture our own brands and third party brands, including private label for retail and foodservice.

We are confident that more than 25 years combined experience in retail and foodservice is a powerful advantage to offer our customers the best possible product they can find in the market.

What we do
Sell our brands and develop products under your brand. We offer a full line of food and household cleaning products.

  • Develop tailored made product formulas and label designing according to market requirements .
  • Contract manufacturing for private labeling.
  • Container consolidation so our customer can have flexible volumes and no stocking

Competitive Advantage

  • Win to win business philosophy.
  • Market driven so we will do our best to accommodate your market and your needs.
  • Very efficient and streamlined structure, which means less cost and improved bottom line for your business.


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